A Battle for Our Sons

This is an off topic post for Wisdom Roots, but I felt passionate about sharing a resource I stumbled upon recently. 

We are in a battle for our sons.  daughters.  children.

As parents we must be intentional and prepare our children to live 'in the world', not 'of the world'.  I firmly believe in the need to place restrictions on content and yet recognize it is impossible to keep 'the bad stuff' in isolation. 

Even when restrictions are placed on TV or music or books, "the world" seeps in and our children are exposed to language and ideas that are graphic and confusing.  Unless they are prepared.

Over the past year, my parenting style changed from shielding to sharing.  It was the right timing for my Scout who is 11 years old.  He is curious, he is anticipating, he is open to having these conversations.  I am so thankful I had been preparing through prayer & reading and was tuned into the subtle changes taking place with him.

In a future post, I may share some of the books that were helpful on our journey, but for now - this resource really caught my attention as worthy to pass along.


This is the BEST story based explanation I've seen about pornography and the mental anguish it causes young men - it is perfect for a discussion with my son.  American Jane Speaks details how to use the white board and story line to draw a parallel between the beauty which God offers and the distorted world (read Satan) view of passion.

As with everything, the post is one point of view and all of the references may not be applicable to everyone's upbringing.  If you have questions about the theology or references used in the post, I urge you to seek God's wisdom through prayer and conversation with your pastor or church staff.

For me and my family, the battle to go past the thorn bushes and into the beautiful garden of marriage is worthy.

To God be the glory.

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  1. I definitely see my 11 year old daughter being ready for some of the 'bigger' conversations.
    Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.